The IRS Should Be Your Last Worry. We Can Help.

by Abe Sauer


I’m Patrick Cox, founder of Tax Masters. In these challenging times, there is nothing that can ruin your plans like tax uncertainty.

If you are looking at next year and concerned whether you should bother paying taxes, we can help.

Shifting magnetic poles, tectonic plate realignment, the rise of the dead, unicorns. Nothing is for certain next year… except taxes.

That is why Tax Masters is introducing its latest service, a strategic asset protection plan based on new disaster regulations passed by Congress. Our new strategic tax deferment plan for 2012 covers corporation, partnership, trust and non-profit organization taxes. Using a little known recent federal tax regulation, Tax Masters can defer all tax burdens until after 2012. If you have a tax problem, you can be sure it won’t go away on its own, even if most of the rest of the world does.

Furthermore, if the world does end, and federal services fail to function, then the government is in breach of contract and you may be entitled to full forgiveness of tax liability.

A true tax master can keep you out of a great deal of trouble with the IRS should this Mayan prophecy not come to pass. Remember, a typical tax CPA may not be the best choice as your tax representative in these times. The peace that accompanies tax resolution is within your reach today, even if tomorrow isn’t.

Abe Sauer is working on a book about North Dakota.