Reporter Has New Job Reporting

Solely in the interests of keeping up with a running local “story,” such as it is, I suppose it must be pointed out that the last full-time editorial gay male staffer gave notice at the New York Observer this morning, making for a solid 10 out of 10 (oh wait) 10 out of 11 departures in the last four or so months alone all being women and gay men (as far as we can tell from outside (previously we forgot Leon Neyfakh’s departure to the Boston Globe!)). Honestly, the Observer masthead is rendered obsolete frequently — as of now, there are zero women staff writers on the masthead, but neither the masthead nor we are up on any new hires, some of whom are surely women. Last we heard, they even had a woman editor come in for a job interview! God bless. Love you, newspaper! So in any event, Zeke Turner, who moved from media to real estate at the paper, is now bound for WWD, joining former Observer people Peter Kaplan and John Koblin.