Murdoch's iPad Paper: At Least the Weather Looks Bananas!

Here are some (further) thoughts on Rupert Murdoch’s forthcoming iPad publication, and these thoughts summarize the situation as: “Why is half the city rooting for its demise, and the other half greeting its arrival like the second coming?” Okay, everyone step outside the bubble! You know the New York Post has an average circulation of about half a million, right? So I would maybe rephrase this as “1/2 of the City doesn’t actually read publications in English, and anyway 7/8ths of the City doesn’t care at all, although 1/16th of the City is rooting for Murdoch’s demise, and the other 1/16th is all ‘Yay Murdoch, let me on your big sailing boat!’” That being said, the reviews are in (from inside the house), regarding the demo of the Murdoch app — because, you know, it doesn’t exist yet! — :”Weather looks bananas.” And that’s really all I want. Bananas-looking weather. Also, who can let this quote from Paul Ford pass without note? “The old guys with money are hiring the young people with talent, which is tough on the young people with talent because they can’t simply say that the old guys with money are all morons who don’t understand anything.” My favorite part is the use of “simply”! You do really have to make your case these days. (Pro tip: start with talking about the $30 million burn rate to create a publication that has 99 cent weekly subscriptions maybe.) All that being said, we look forward to its launch. And to maybe having an iPad someday.