Here Is The Cover Art For Diamond's New Mixtape

Diamond is an Atlanta rapper who came to fame six years ago as a part of Crime Mob, a group of high school kids who signed to Lil John’s label, BME Records. (So you know they were crunk, because Lil John, he always tells the truth.) They made a couple good records with Lil Scrappy, who will always have a place in my heart because of his song “No Problem,” which is one of the most crunk songs I know, a great favorite of mine. Diamond, who is now Lil Scrappy’s girlfriend (and, unfortunately, suffering some recession-related problems with him), has left Crime Mob and started a solo career. Her new mixtape is called Cocaine Waitress. The music, from what I’ve heard, is less remarkable than that title — and the cover, which pretty much speaks for itself, I think. Here it is large-scale, to better appreciate the details.