Have You Seen The Video Of All The Old TV Stars Lip-Syncing "Let It Be?"

You have? Then how about this one, made by the same Norwegian pop-culture nostalgia show, Gylne Tider (“Golden Times”) a couple years ago, focussing more on one-hit-wonderish musical stars, and using “We Are The World?”

This Gylne Tider show seems pretty interesting. Apparently, the three hosts show up at the houses of aging celebrities who were most famous in the 1980s, interview them about their lives and careers, and film them singing along with feel-good all-star benefit songs. Check out this amazing stuff they got from Kelly McGillis earlier this year.

Lastly, how about this commercial for World’s Best Cat Litter?

I think the cat litter one might be best of all these, actually. (Apples and oranges, obviously. And, actually, no: The Kelly McGillis clip is the best.) At the very least, this commercial seems like a good example of what Danielle Sacks was talking about in her “The Future of Advertising” article for Fast Company, when she wrote, “The death of mass marketing means the end of lazy marketing.” I mean, getting people to sniff cat urine, and eat cat litter? I don’t care how well it works, or what its made of, those advertisers are working very hard. And I hope those actors, or focus-group participants were paid very, very well.