Europe Is Burning

Here’s some footage of the riots that followed yesterday’s vote in Italy to keep Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s government in office.

Masked demonstrators burned cars and smashed shop windows. Plumes of white tear gas billowed over city squares. More than 100,000 anti-Berlusconi demonstrators snaked through the capital. Large student protests converged on Piazza Venezia, a block from Berlusconi’s fortified private residence. By sundown, almost 100 people — both protesters and police — were reported injured, including about two dozen hospitalized, according to the Associated Press. About 40 were reportedly taken into police custody.

There were also riots in Greece, in protest of government austerity measures.

And in Britain, where police recently tipped a wheelchair-bound protester out of his chair and dragged him through the street, there are even protests about the tactics used during protests.

Meanwhile, here in America, a couple of guys from the television had dueling meet-ups on the Mall.