Bomb the Ace Hotel! Every Geek and Blogger Now A Microcelebrity!

Do you know what is apparently happening in New York City right now? “Forget Socialites. Social Mediaites are at the new people to pine after. And the new dream? Let’s just say it has a lot less to do with moving from the midwest to Manhattan for a chance to schlep uptown in stiletto’s [sic] to fetch coffee for a Conde Nast editor. The new ‘it’ job is clearly a chance to manage Dennis Crowley/Lockhart Steele/Kevin Kearney and co.’s facebook fan pages.” Okay, for starters, updating these people’s “Facebook fan pages” is not actually a job, so it can’t even be an “it” job? For seconders, and I really do say this with some love for the people involved, but really, has any micro-bubble in history had its head forcibly shoved so far inside its bubble’s own asshole? (And yes, I am totally including the housing bubble in that.) The good news! If bloggers and web designers become microcelebrities, with fun gossip blogs following them around, will they all end up addicted to meth and racism like real celebrities? Because that would be terrific entertainment for the coming decade. But anyway, you should know, young aspirant, who apparently wants to update people’s Facebook pages for a living: “There are four people that you should meet and get to know if you are hoping to break out into this new media club in NYC.” Four! You should meet them! They are named! The new dream! This new media club!