The WikiLeaks Story

We did not much talk about the latest WikiLeaks document dump yesterday, mainly because I am not really sure what to say. As Tom Scocca puts it, “Which side is one supposed to be on? It is wrong for Wikileaks to have disclosed this, because the intelligence-gathering program was sensitive and secret government information. The Wikileaks disclosure is newsworthy because it is wrong for the government to have a program gathering people’s sensitive and secret information. Either way, somebody’s data gets mined, though, doesn’t it?” But there are plenty of other voices in the debate, including (I’m guessing) Sarah Palin’s. It’s tough to sort out. Still, apart from the bit where they refer to Iranians as Arabs, this wacky Taiwanese animated news video is probably a good place to start. At least you will have a baseline that helps you sound like you know what you’re talking about.