Man Has Big House

“Rising dramatically, 300 metres above sea level, and built at a staggering cost of over a billion dollars, Antilia (the name is likely to be changed to ‘Anandam’) can be described as the Taj Mahal of the 21st century. Cantilevered and colossal, it easily dominates the skyline of the city. From the exquisite Krishna temple on the ground floor to Mukesh’s personal library on the top floor, it is a staggering feat.”
 — Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani threw himself a small housewarming party on Friday to celebrate the opening of his new 27-story home in Mumbai, estimated to be the most expensive residence on the planet. Besides the temple and the library, the 400,000-square-foot building boasts a 50-seat cinema, multiple swimming pools, sprawling gardens, a ballroom, a helipad, a staff of 600, and, so far, a $200,000 monthly electric bill — the equivalent of 7,000 average Mumbai homes. You know who’s going to be pissed about this? Cash Money Records owner Bryan “Baby” Williams.