Humble Tip, "LU Anthem"

With its stomping martial beat and heraldic horn synths, Liberty University’s new rap anthem sounds like something you might hear Young Jeezy or T.I. spitting greasy southern trap tales over. But when Jason “Humble Tip” Lewis gives props to school founder Jerry Falwell, or rhymes about the dangers of having an open mind, or why it’s not cool to drink or do drugs or have sex, the sharp cadence of his voice bears the influence of venerable East Coast MCs like Jay-Z or Treach. The heads at Right Wing Watch are bumping this joint all day. But I actually prefer the live version. Because I like watching the Liberty administration dudes throwing the university gang sign in the background.

Oh, and if you thought Waka Flocka Flame’s new jam is crunk, Humble Tip has a message for you:

And if you’re planning on taking a vacation to sunnier climes this winter, he has a message for you, too: