Disgruntled Athlete Takes It Up With Higher Power

I PRAISE YOU 24/7!!!!!! AND THIS HOW YOU DO ME!!!!! YOU EXPECT ME TO LEARN FROM THIS??? HOW???!!! ILL NEVER FORGET THIS!! EVER!!! THX THO…less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPad

Stevie Johnson

It’s an unverified account, so who knows, but really, too good not to share: “Buffalo Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson(notes) dropped an easy, game-winning touchdown pass against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. After the game, Johnson placed the blame for the flub not on himself nor the pass nor the lights nor the defender nor the pressure of the situation. Nope; he blamed it on the big guy upstairs.” A spokesman for God responded that the incident was “nothing personal, but tormenting Bills fans is the only enjoyable part of His job.”