Desperate, Brazen Women Acting Like Men

Desperate, Brazen Women Acting Like Men

Here is a thing that is apparently happening in Minnesota: chicks are hitting on dudes. Because of the feminism.

Researchers say part of the surge in female assertiveness in the social scene has to do with the long progression of the feminist movement. An increased confidence is natural as women have become more prominent in the workplace, gained more high-powered jobs and have begun out-numbering men in college enrollment and graduate and doctorate degrees.

Sadly for these newly empowered ladies, the article suggests that approaching a man might not provide the desired result, which is obviously marriage and lots of babies. Men will fuck these women, sure, but a University of Minnesota sociology professor reveals the cold, hard truth: “Research suggests when things progress as far as an actual date, men can be turned off by women they perceive as sexually aggressive. They may continue to see these women, but not view them as ‘marriage material.’”

Tough break, gals! If you want to get a ring on that finger — and you do — it’s back to the end of the bar for you. Just sit there and wait, a man is sure to turn up eventually. Also, you should probably wear something tight. [Via]

Photo by cavalierhorn, from Flickr.