Childhood Joy Will Kill Us All

Your youth was even more poisonous than you remember:

Following the recall of nearly 12 million Shrek glasses over the summer because of toxic levels of brain-damaging, cancer-causing lead and cadmium, the Associated Press has discovered that pretty much every decorative drinking glass ever made carries the same risk, dating back to nearly 50 years ago. A specially commissioned laboratory test of 35 separate drinking glasses made between the late 1960s and this year — including those with enamel designs of Superman, Batman, and characters from The Wizard Of Oz — found that all of them exceeded federal limits on lead in children’s products by up to 1,000 times, many of these coming from glasses given out as part of various fast-food promotions over the years.

I guess the upside is you don’t need to run the tap anymore, because you are pretty much full of lead already. [Via]