The Black Eyed Peas Are Back and You Have to Hear This Heinous Single!

Raiding the worst of the 80s, the Black Eyed Peas have released a semi-cover of the improbably titled “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life,” the Dirty Dancing-enabled monster-smash duet of late 1987. Were you there? It was terrible. Fortunately, the BEP have reduced the title to “The Time” because, words r long. And then they took a bath in Autotune. It fits nicely in their genre of “it’s Friday night, let’s get dressed to go out and dance in the mirror and everything is going to be awwweesssoommme” music. (All that being said, the synthy verse beat part of the song is kind of great, it’s undeniable.) Still: “It’s hot in haaarrr, the temperatchuuurrr” is a real lyric. (Missy Elliott, we should mention here, is on the way back, thank you Jesus: “two singles will come bk to bk in a few,” she Tweeted yesterday.) In any event, now you know, and you will hear “The Time” on the radio all winter, so tear the speakers out of your car immediately.