People All Over The World Want To Have What Bill Clinton Had

“Since that first meal, in 2000, so many customers have uttered some variation of ‘Give us what the president had,’ that the restaurant has started serving a mixed-meat sampler — a one-off prepared for Mr. Clinton and his guests — as a nightly special. The Bill Clinton platter, as it is known, is an aromatic spread of mixed meats, lentils and oven-baked bread.”
 — The Times’ David Segal leaves the matter of how many of those customers at the New Delhi’s fancy Bukhara actually meant ‘an orgasm’ up to the reader’s imagination. Regardless, the story about our lovable ex-president’s reputation as the world’s greatest gourmand is nice to read. Clinton has been on a vegan diet, supposedly, since having heart surgery in February. But, you know. “He had the filet mignon last time he was here, four months ago,” says Javier Blázquez, son of the owner of Casa Lucio in Madrid. “The doctors tell him not to eat it, but he does anyway.”