Never, Ever Go To Canada! The $1723 AT&T iPhone Bill


It’s never a good idea to go to Canada. And there were some other bad choices here-such as keeping the phone in “roaming” mode in a “foreign country,” which, yes it is Canada but they do have a phone network. But no one should have to suffer like film publicist Reid Rosefelt: “I went to the Toronto Film Festival for 5 days and 4 hours and received a $1524 AT&T; bill for data charges on top of the $199 paid for the first 200 MB. A total of $1723.” And it ends… not well! “Eventually I found a sympathetic operator who filed a 4-page application for a full refund. On Friday I received a text saying there would be no reduction of any kind. An operator confirmed that there would be no explanation for the denial or any possibility of reconsideration.” AT&T; breaks up with customers by text! So modern. (via)