John McCain, "Political Shape-Shifter," Really Hates Obama


The November Vanity Fair story on John McCain-the “ruthless and self-centered survivor” and Senator from Arizona-is online. Two things that jumped out are unsurprising yet off-putting.

Last fall, during his review of his strategy for Afghanistan, Obama met with McCain and other members of Congress. It was at a moment when Dick Cheney and other Republicans were accusing Obama of dithering. McCain undertook to lecture him, saying, in the recollection of one Obama adviser who was there, “Mr. President, you’re the commander in chief, and I hope you’re not taking your responsibilities lightly.”

Oh my. And also!

The Obama team is well aware of McCain’s attitude. When the president went to Capitol Hill in May to address the Senate Republicans at their weekly lunch, McCain accused the president of misrepresenting Arizona’s Draconian new immigration law (which McCain had endorsed, and which Obama’s Justice Department was preparing to challenge). “You can tell he can barely fucking stand the fact that he was beaten by Barack Obama,” says one senior White House aide who was present. “Throughout the whole meeting, he would not look at the president, even when he was talking to him.”