Is Lady Gaga Good For The Jews?

Lady Gaga, at a press conference in Jerusalem, shows off her Star of David jacket

“Yours truly has survived quite well all these years without the slightest notion of who Lady Gaga, was, and this blessed state of affairs could continue to her and my mutual satisfaction, I’m sure, if not for my friend Jeff, who used to attend services at the Stanton Street Shul. Far more attuned to pop culture than I am, Jeff discovered that a new biography of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Lady Gaga for short), titled Poker Face, is about to come out and that she and I, and all of you, really, are closely related in Kevin Bacon fashion…”
Yori Yanover, editor and publisher of the Lower East Side’s Grand Street News, upon learning that Lady Gaga used to live two doors down from his synagogue, where, he writes, “thousands of God fearing Jews have been praying since 1913. It’s not much, but if this humble mention can increase attendance on those chilly Shabbat mornings, then my work is done.”