Can Billionaire Maid-Firing Employee-Shover Meg Whitman Score Working Class, Woman-Friendly Points?

When it comes to debates, sometimes the news is best summarized in the photo captions: “Meg Whitman called Jerry Brown ‘the same old same old,’ while he said she was just seeking to enrich wealthy Californians.” And, now you know everything you need to know. It was a sad scene last night for the California governor’s race. Pre-debate, Jerry Brown was polling just +4 over California’s fourth-richest woman, Meg Whitman, both facts which basically mean nothing. And so she spent the evening saying things like “My track record is creating jobs. My business is creating jobs.” Meanwhile, most of the papers are still pretty interested in how a Brown staffer called Whitman “a whore” to labor interests: “Nor did Brown explain why ‘whore’ was less offensive than a racial epithet for African Americans,” which is a pretty fascinating construction. Is that what people are sitting around wondering about today? In other news, California just sold half of Sacramento to a Texas company so that government buildings can become tenants instead of owners, and enjoy a small cash infusion. I remember vividly how I thought the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger was the end of the world! This is all so very inconceivably worse.