America Makes Englishwoman Fat

Gutty says: "I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free (to eat all the pizzas I want). And I won't forget the men who fried that breaded cheese for me. Etc."

“The portions of food I was offered were at least twice the size of those I’d been used to in the UK. Next I just didn’t move as much in my daily life over there. And finally, the real problem was that, because lots of other people were big, it just didn’t bother me that I was getting bigger too.”
-Restaurant manager Clare Patten gained approximately 50 pounds during the 8 years she spent in America. The Knifecrime Island native blames our abundant, edible food (“In America I would have pancakes with fried sausages for breakfast, a large cheese panini or a whole pizza for lunch. Then I’d pick all evening on things like fatty dips and parmesan bread before having chicken nuggets and fries for dinner at about 11pm after work. I also drank litres of diet cola. I could easily chow down a whole packet of biscuits in a day and a big pack of M&M;’s as well.”) and lack of mobility for her increase in bulk. Back home in Britain, Clare has regained her former figure by a combination of diet (consuming less food) and exercise (running from people with knives).