YouTube Delivers Fresh High School Violence Every Day

Here is a secret thing I do sometimes, when I’m feeling old: I search for school fight videos on YouTube, and revel in not being in school. Because school is awful, just like this video from Los Banos High School, in beautiful Merced, clearly shows. High school was always a pretty terrible place, with violence and math, the two worst things ever. Just now it’s online. Which is very disturbing.

Is it “news”? Is it citizen journalism? Is it entertainment? Is it just (“just”) diaristic? It’s sort of all of these. Basically I think of these kind of videos as barely-seen docu-diary entries. (And the truth is, usually no one does see them. They get like eight or eighteen views.)

The “most interesting” (by which I mean, most upsetting) ones are the videos where they’re just fighting each other for fun (???) and literally everyone’s videoing it.

But pretty much there’s videos of children beating up other children being put online every single day.

Everyone enjoys a fight!

Othertimes, not so much.

Colton High School, a winner is you.

I guess this was the Internet we signed up for.