The Self-Abasement of Indy Writers: Is This a Thing?


Here is a short essay by Justin Taylor that is about being confused by “a general trend in contemporary indy- and small-press lit-land that insists on modesty to the point of self-abasement, encourages people to get awestruck at the drop of a hat, and rewards the expression of self-doubt rather than self-confidence.” This is maybe a thing, but also it seems bizarre to me! For one thing, has he been on the Internet, which spends most of its time hammering down any nail that stands out? I also do not see a woman even conceiving of such a critique. They know what happens if a woman dares to be mistaken for bragging on the Internet. Or, you know, for just being on the Internet, Tumblin’ some cat photos. Something similar happens to braggy men too! But usually the hubbub, it just gets them more unwarranted attention.