The Return of Michael Pitt!


I had not realized that HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” had retained the services of Michael Pitt in the role of Steve Buscemi’s protege. Pitt’s work can most often, these past few years, be viewed solely under the JMZ elevated, as he struts along in a t-shirt that displays his scars and tattoos and his tight filthy jeans with the rocker belts. How reclusive is he? His band’s website only plays music; it has no words or, you know, gig announcements. He has not made a movie since Funny Games. But here he is on the HBO: “Mr. Pitt was simply made for the fashions of the 1920s, with his big DiCaprio-y cherub face and creepily empty eyes.” He’s the DiCaprio of opposite-land. He’s always seemed like he might just slip off the planet and disappear for good. So my anticipation level has tripled.