The "Bad Touch" Baby Suit and Other Works by Helge Fischer

’10 Royal College of Art MFA graduate Helge Fischer recently found some of his work picked up on the blogs: it was his “safe cuddling” baby suit, which has a built-in alarm that flashes and produces a siren when the child is touched in “inappropriate places.” He writes: “I then went out and showed the design proposal to parents, child minders and a child protection professional. What was originally intended as an ironic comment became a lot more complex.” Yes, oddly, people found this emotion-provoking. Other less-loaded but very enjoyable projects include Sleeping Beauty, in which a webcam tracked his sleeping position, waking him when he strayed into less-attractive positions, and his Cyborg Casino project, in which he took to the streets so people could play games of chance on him. But really, I think there’s a great market in the U.S. for a baby-molesting alarm suit.