The Anticipation List

by Awl Staff


• Ritter, Dene, Voss: it just opened!

• And Everything Is Going Fine: Steven Soderbergh’s documentary about Spalding Gray. -Dan Kois

• Paul Thek at The Whitney Museum and Justin Bond at The Kitchen. –Barry Hoggard

• The Company Men-but mostly because of “Chris Cooper, HELLO.” -Doree Shafrir

• Greg Dulli’s solo tour! (Also Mariah Carey’s Christmas album because the loop underneath its ad on sounds kinda good in an ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You… Too” sort of way.) -Maura Johnston

• I am looking forward to “Evenings With Grumpypus,” aka “Strange Powers: Stephin Merrit and the Magnetic Fields,” if only because Mr. Merrit and I have shared both a boyfriend and a cleaning lady, but I’ve still never seen the inside of his apartment. -Dale Peck

• JUSTIN BIEBER 3D MOVIE WITH JOHN CHU!!!!! Oh also Nico Muhly everything 2010 Q4. -Mary HK Choi

• Iain M. Banks’ Surface Detail.

• I JUST ORDERED DAVID RAKOFF’S NEW AUDIOBOOK!!! OH AND THERE’S THE TRAILER FOR ‘HUMAN CENTIPEDE PART TWWOOOOOOO’ which will affect my Halloween costume choice (slutty human centipede)!!!!!!!!! -Natasha Vargas-Cooper


• Gary Oldman as George Smiley in the remake of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. (Tom Hardy is in it, too!) Also Tom Stoppard’s adaptation of Ford Madox Ford’s Parade’s End-coming soon to BBC 2. Also Daft Punk playing Disneyland for the opening of Tron??? -Maria Bustillos

• The Pipilotti Rist show at Luhring Augustine; Julie Wertz’s new comic-book memoir “Drinking At The Movies.” (Buy it now!) Also brussels sprouts. -Emily Gould

• Listen to This.

• New Kanye West/Jay-Z album coming in November. The Harry Potter movie(s). Thanksgiving. Christmas. The NBA season. -David Cho

• Aeon Flux does ballet? No, just kidding, it’s Frances Chiaverini, not Aeon Flux — but she really looked that way to me on Wednesday night, during the staged U.S. premiere of the Kaija Saariaho ballet, Maa, at Columbia’s Miller Theater. See Chiaverini at the 1:59 mark of this video, which documents the ballet’s work-in-progress showing at the Guggenheim earlier this month. Look at her moves! And … those pants, which are flexy and floaty but also jut out at seductive and strange angles. There are two final performances of Maa at Miller Theater. That’s tonight and Saturday, each one costing $40, though some cheaper rush seats may be available (call ahead). Otherwise, for a taste of Saariaho’s gorgeous (and sometimes violent) music, check out the Notes on Light album, or else her opera L’Amour de Loin (the DVD of which you can even Netflix). -Seth Colter Walls

• Continuing to watch the oddly satisfying yet filthy one-two punch of “Vampire Diaries” and “Nikita.”

• I’m looking forward to more news of premature wrestling deaths coming out of the woodwork and dooming Linda McMahon’s Connecticut Senate bid, and for everyone to read Irvin Muchnick’s “Wrestling Babylon” and vote in Richard Blumenthal, a fine public servant! This is really the only part of the midterms I care about, and I care about it a lot — it’s a nice dream, at least! -Daniel D’Addario

• Somewhere (return of the Dorf!)
Blue Valentine (return of the Gosling!)
Burlesque (for the camp)
Due Date (for the Planes Trains and Automobile-ness and RDJ and Z G)
How Do You Know (JAMES L BROOKS whut!)
Let Me In (will the crazy cats make it in there?)
The Kings Speech (stutter to the Oscars!)
All the movies with Helen Mirren.
Also “Friday Night Lights”: the last season.
And Jon Hamm hosting “Saturday Night Live” -Sara Vilkomerson