Pink Floyd's Roger Waters Is So Totally Antisemitic!

Here’s part of the stage show that’s gotten former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters in trouble with the Anti-Defamation League. “Of course Waters has every right to express his political views about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through his music and stagecraft,” said ADL head Abe Foxman in a statement. “However, the images he has chosen, when put together in the same sequence, cross a line into anti-Semitism.” (To wit: “An animated scene has projected images of planes dropping bombs in the shape of Jewish stars of David, followed by dollar signs.”) Foxman, of course, just has tons of credibility after his anti-Park 51 stance. But maybe he’s got a point! What Foxman failed to mention is that the lyrics to the song “Goodbye Blue Sky” are deeply offensive as well, if you really listen to what he’s saying.

Here’s a transcription:

Did Jew, did Jew see the frightened ones?
Did Jew, did Jew hear the falling bombs?
Did Jew ever wonder why we had to ruin the shtetl,
When the promise of a brave new world,
Unfurled beneath a clear blue sky?

Did Jew, did Jew see the whitefish come?
Did Jew, did Jew schmeer the bagel, son?
The flames are all long gone,
But the pain lingers on.
Goodbye, blue sky.
Good buy, Jewish guy.
Good buy.
Good buy.

I mean, what is he really trying to say there?