Order Your Drink In A Short Glass

Man, I really really like drinking. Like, a lot. When I'm not drinking I'm looking at my watch and daydreaming about when I CAN have a drink again. Not a day goes by that... oh, sorry, was I alt-texting out loud?

Science gets Servicey!

Researchers have discovered that people tend to pour more generous measures of spirits when using short, wide tumblers rather than tall slender glasses. Choosing the wrong shaped glass can lead to drinkers consuming almost twice as much alcohol, the researchers from Oxford University found…. [T]he study by leading psychologist Professor Charles Spence also found that people drink 88 per cent more when using a short wide glasses compared to a taller glass containing the same amount of alcohol. In the study even veteran bartenders poured 26 per cent more alcohol into tumblers than highball glasses.

This discovery will have profound implications on the way in which I deal with bartenders. It’s almost autumn and now I learn this? My life is about to change in marvelous ways. If you could see me now you would be looking at a man grinning from ear to ear (and drooling a bit). Professor Charles Spence, you, sir, are a hero. And I, my friends, am off.