Lovable Cockney Spoils 'Inception'

Becoming more like Alfie

“I don’t mean to be a stickler here, but anything Michael Caine says about Christopher Nolan’s intended meaning for Inception’s ending technically qualifies as heresy. And besides, every film critic-or professor of critical theory, for that matter-would happily tell you that it doesn’t matter one iota what the artist says his or her movie, book, play, painting, comic book, videogame, et cetera actually means. The author of the work is responsible for, at best, just one interpretation of said work. So just because Michael Caine says Christopher Nolan intended for Inception’s ending-”
-Well, if you want to know, click here. I still think it was all in the mind of the autistic kid from “St. Elsewhere,” but I recognize that this is a minority viewpoint. Another explanation is here.