I'm Not Even Going To Fight Willow Smith


I’m a little obsessed/afraid of Willow Smith! Yes, she is 9, and she has a hot single and it’s… sort of appealing? She did Ryan Seacrest’s show this morning and it was kind of awesome? This feels weird because I don’t like rich progeny and the easy jump-off and Will Smith, I’ve never been a fan-but listen we just have to accept this and roll with it. (Also she is very smart and for a 9-year-old, incredibly well-spoken. And NO, I actually did not just call her “articulate.”) Listen. YOU CANNOT FIGHT THE FUTURE. Just let Willow be Willow. Points of view: “Lyrically, there’s mention of getting one’s ‘swag on’ and ‘just tryin’ have fun so keep the party jumpin’.’ We’re assuming that’s jumping up and down on a bouncy castle with all your other nine-year-old friends buzzing off too much Dr Pepper, right?” Yes, sure. Other points of view: “I love it. I love whipping my dog’s ears back and forth to the beat. I love the 34-year-old session singer who’s playing the part of ‘Willow Smith.’”