Homosexuals Almost As Acceptable As Animals

But what about the staff in all-you-can-eat restaurants?

“People are taking a more expansive view of what a family is. But for any family that doesn’t fit the 1960s Ozzie and Harriet mold, slow and steady doesn’t feel fast enough.”
Jennifer Chrisler, executive director of the Family Equality Council, reacting to a study conducted by Indiana University sociologist Brian Powell that found that 68 percent of respondents believed that same-sex couples with children counted as “family”-up from 54 percent in 2003. Powell’s team surveyed more 2,300 people over seven years. The bad news is: as recently as 2006, 30 percent of respondents counted pets as family but not gay couples. Powell said, “The sheer idea that gay couples are given less status than pets should give us pause.”