Goodbye Jeff Zucker


In light of the news that NBC Universal chief executive Jeff Zucker will be leaving the company when Comcast officially takes it over, let’s look back at a great Jeff Zucker moment. It came in 2002, when the network introduced “Hidden Hills,” a suburban-based “comedy about us.”

‘’I love this show because it’s very much my life,’’ said Jeff Zucker, president of NBC Entertainment. ‘’It’s, you know, dealing with kids living in the suburbs. You know, I think this is an incredibly relatable area for many people.’’

The very urban Mr. Zucker divides his time between Manhattan and Los Angeles, and television critics have been amused by his attempt to paint himself as a typical suburban dad. He blushed when asked to name his suburb.

“Hidden Hills” lasted 13 episodes.

Photo by David Shankbone, from Flickr.