Florida's Cat Village: Not A Dream

cleanup in aisle ADORABLE

Deep in the woods of northern Florida, there exists a sanctuary for felines who have been left behind by extreme circumstances and extreme people: Caboodle Ranch, located smack in the middle of a wildlife preserve, is 30 acres of land devoted to providing otherwise-homeless cats some sanctuary and companionship. Lots of companionship, actually; there are currently six hundred and sixty cats living in the village, which is also full of cat-sized buildings where the kitties are allowed to roam around. After the jump, a video of life on the ranch (if you can stand the adorableness, not to mention the sick guitar riffs that drop in at a few points):

Craig Grant, who runs the ranch, is looking for volunteers to help him run the place — he’s currently putting in 14-hour days. You’d think that the combination of chronic underemployment and widespread cat-adoration would result in people flocking to help out! Maybe now that his web site has been killed, people will head down there to help out the cause in person?