Enjoy That Cheeseburger, Because It Could Be Your Last

Above, a new pro-vegetarian spot from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine that’s making explicit the link between fast-food consumption and heart disease. Like, really explicit: The corpse at the center the ad died gettin’ his burger on, as evidenced by the Big Mac Of Death that remains in his hand while a woman weeps over his lifeless body. Leaving aside the obvious questions regarding the man’s grip on his burger-sized deathtrap and the process of rigor, one must ask: Why is it always McDonald’s that gets whacked by ads of this ilk? Surely one is more likely to keel over as the direct result of eating a Double Down, or, chowing his way through two feet of pizza. And it’s not like McDonald’s arches are the most visually appealing option for the kicker: A couple of tiny Burger King crowns would look so cute superimposed over the dead dude’s feet at the very end of this spot! You could even add the tagline “He had it his way… and then he died,” and you’d have a goldmine.