Turtle Crosses Street

We have most definitely entered the rough patch of summer that is August. News is slow. People are more irritated, more ground down and quick to anger, but also more indolent because of the heat. The streets are filled with the dead-eyed zombies who, unable to get away somewhere nice, are stuck repeating their daily routines under an oppressive sun, shuffling their way to work and trying to ignore the persistent rivulets of sweat emanating from a variety of bodily crevasses. It is, in short, a time when almost anything goes, especially if you’re in the business of attempting to amuse, inform or entertain. That said, I’d like to think that, even if we were in the thick of a season where creativity flowed like cheap beer at a frat party, I would still share this story about a giant turtle’s attempt to cross Boston’s Storrow Drive, because it is a tale of triumph and tenacity, and some days you need to be reminded that we all have those qualities in us, even turtles. Also, I have always thought “Storrow Drive” would be a good name for a band. Anyway, enjoy!