Three Incidents of Crime = Downtown Eco Nightlife Danger Menace!

crime: DOWN

Did you know there was a “spike in violence” downtown, in the First Precinct (which covers a huge swath of West SoHo, Greater UPS Village (AKA The Shipping District), TriBeCa, Wall Street and Ground Zero Village)? Well there sort of was, over the summer, and you know what’s to blame? Nightlife! Specifically, Holland Tunnel outpost Greenhouse. (Probably not on “gay night.” Otherwise, it’s just full of “GAY AND BL;ACKS,” say some of the many unhappy visitors who don’t like $400 bottle service) Despite the brief “spike” of gun-toting club-tards, crime is down in the precinct by huge amounts from last year, five years ago and 20 years ago, so, I guess we’re just back to regulating night life. Hasn’t anyone seen Gangs of New York recently? It was just on AMC the other day!