The "People of Walmart" Book Arrives! Poor People Still Hilarious!

oh good

The “People of Walmart” book, based on the website (I’m sure you can Google it), is out in just a couple weeks! That’s right! “Featuring 200 photographs and captions, 70 percent of this book HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN UNTIL NOW, plus fan-submitted stories of their most random experiences”! Hot! 200 photographs (with captions) with the mocking of fat and poor and crazy people on every page. America! This is what makes it so great, that we can all find a way for someone to profit off other people’s need to feel better than other people. I don’t think of myself as someone with a very thin skin, but man, this project still rubs me the wrong way, even if/because they’re “equal opportunity offenders.” Anyway the book’s going to make a fortune, because everybody is poor even while hating poor people now. Or, hmm, I guess maybe the flaw in that is that no one will have the money to buy it. $12.99, trade paper, coming to wherever books are sold, except probably Walmart!