The New York State Fair Is Happening! And Under Investigation!


We have a winner for press release of the day! “ATTORNEY GENERAL CUOMO LAUNCHES WIDE-RANGING INVESTIGATION INTO PATRONAGE, CRONYISM AND WASTE OF TAXPAYER MONEY AT THE NEW YORK STATE FAIR.” Oh really? “The State Fair has long been plagued by allegations that it has become a patronage playground for friends, relatives and cronies of the Fair’s directors and managers. The Attorney General’s investigation will assess the integrity of ticketing, contracting, hiring, and other management and financial practices involving the Fair.” (Subpoenas went out to, among other parties, Clear Channel Radio, which, hmm!) Anyway, this undoubtedly put a pall on this morning’s “Pettis Pools’ Extreme Canines stunt dog show” at the Adventure Zone by the New York State Fair Grandstand and the “MaxMan Reptile Rescue demonstration” in the Hall of Veterinary Health. For yes, the New York State Fair is going on right now, at the Empire Expo Center, “immediately adjacent to Route 690 just west of Syracuse.” I hope no one is trying to build a mosque by it. (via)