Steven Slater Sticks with the Legal Aid Society

The Daily News notes that American Hero Steven Slater is being represented by a Legal Aid attorney? No offense to the wonderful, terrific American Heroes who work at the Legal Aid Society-and each of them is deserving of quadruple their salary and a sunroom in heaven-but you know they get a little busy with crazy case loads. That being said, it shouldn’t be hard for him to cop a little plea on his class D felony charge and get some probation. (He’s not the first maniac to pitch a fit in the county of Queens, after all.) But is Steven Slater our first celebu-criminal without a fancy Manhattan pro bono attorney? Between that and his Astoria gym-working boyfriend Ken, he’s the best thing to happen to Queens since Fran Drescher was on TV. For those keeping track: the Steven Slater Facebook fan page is now 103,749 strong.