Politicians Only Hate Gays at Work, Otherwise They Love Them Some Gays


The great news about being gay is that no one really hates you in D.C. It’s just politics: “When I speak to a gay Capitol Hill staffer whose own boss has a terrible record on gay rights, he explains that part of what enables him to maintain a clear conscience is the idea that the man for whom he works is merely playing to the base. As he says, ‘I’ve been out to my boss for years and he’s never cared. He said, I’m glad you told me, it’s never going to be an issue, let’s get back to work and do good things for my district.’” Oh that’s so much better. Also! “Some of it is just political jousting, it’s about vote-getting and stirring the pot and playing to the base. It’s what they feel they must do to survive politically,” says Mark Foley. Hmm. It was 2003, was it? That this happened: “Republican Congressman Mark Foley of Florida thinks it’s ‘revolting and unforgivable’ that people are openly speculating that he is gay.” Finally, I just wanted to say “playing to the base, playing to the base” a few times because it’s mildly amusing.