Ken Mehlman: The Right Reacts! Barely!


Ken Mehlman may seem on the outside to be a mild-mannered, lawyerly guy (he was a classmate of President Obama’s at Harvard) but the presidential campaign Mehlman oversaw was a filthy one, featuring the Swiftboat fiasco and the smorgasbord of voting scandals in Ohio and other questionable episodes, the recalling of which is apt to interfere with a Democrat’s blood pressure. Previously, in 2002, Mehlman was head of the office of political affairs in the White House and therefore was also knee-deep in the New Hampshire phone-jamming scandal (in which Republican operatives hired a telemarketing firm to jam the phone lines at a Democratic get-out-the-vote call center). Republican John Sununu “won” that election, but lost the seat in 2008 to his former rival, Jeanne Shaheen. Four people have gone to jail over that one, none of these being Ken Mehlman, despite the fact that “someone” in his office-the White House Office of Political Affairs-talked with these clowns in New Hampshire 115 times over the course of that tainted election. My point being that even a dispassionate observer might be forgiven for supposing closeted gay man Ken Mehlman to be no stranger to deceitful behavior in general-a dispassionate observer of any party affiliation, really.

Because he was lying, let’s not forget: “I’m not gay,” Mehlman told the New York Daily News in 2006, “but those stories did a number on my dating life for six months.” After which, we were doubtless meant to imagine, he went back to his regular lady-chasing ways.

But now Mehlman says he is gay, and that he wants to become an advocate for same-sex marriage. What the gays will make of that is hard to fathom, since Mehlman seemed to have no problem with Republican efforts to squelch gay rights when he was working for them, to the consternation of many who suspected or knew the truth.

More interesting? Let’s look at reaction to the Mehlman announcement from more right-ward quarters. Because, in large part, it looks like the reaction from those nearer the left!

The websites of Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Fox News are all conspicuously silent on this matter (though Fox News has got room for a photo of fossilized Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan, with a paragraph stating that he has to pay a lot of Australian back taxes.) There is a single tiny link at the bottom of their home page reading “Ken Mehlman,” but click it and you still won’t see the word “gay” anywhere in the results.

“Don’t hate me because I’m/I’ve been a Republican. Love me, because I’m gay, and oh! how I’ve anguished in the company of Republicans,” is how Ann Althouse describes Mehlman’s newest talking points. Youch!

“Granting that being heterosexual is less complicated, given its wide cultural acceptance, I continue to be baffled by middle aged men ‘realizing’ that they’re gay. Either women turn you on or they don’t. Most of us figure that out by junior high,” is how James Joyner of Outside the Beltway completely fails to overreact.

Elsewhere, Michelle Malkin didn’t even bother.

Even the reaction from FreeRepublic, for once, looks mostly something like the reaction from everywhere else.

Keep it to yourself Ken, you have for 43 years.
Marty62 (marty60)

There is something wrong when it takes 43 years to get comfortable with who you are.freekitty

Happy Days, so why should I give a sh**.

Poor Ken, he was the last to know.

This is not news. He’s been “outed” several times. I think Bill Maher actually outed him on his show.

I don’t care that’s just more girls for me. Except I’m married and fat and bald and old and grumpy.

Cool…tomorrow he can proclaim he is a teapot and next week he is a fireman and the week after that a labradoodle. The sky is the limit to become a happier person.

So for 30 odd years when Kenny masturbated he was fantasizing about trees or tires? Give me a break. This slimebag knew what turned him on decades ago but had the common sense to know it was perverted. Now he’s just lying through his teeth.

Although… here is a perspective particular to FreeRepublic, in a remarkable display of maybe five separate trains of cognitively-dissonant thought colliding in one poor noggin:

I believe homosexuals decided to infiltrate the Republican Party after values voters and conservative Christians got involved in politics. They could either get “caught” and open the party up to charges of hypocrisy, or come out like Ken and say “See, I’m a Republican, too!” Goes along with my pet conspiracy theory that the Bushes are really Dem moles sent to destroy the Republican Party from within.

There’s also a train of thought that retroactively casts Mehlman as a stealth gay leftist operative.

I gave a substantial amount of money to the RNC during those years 2005–2007 so it really angers me that this scum was intentionally undercutting the Republican Platform.

Washington is supposedly “run by gays”. I saw some documentary on one of the movie channels a few weeks ago about all of the gays in politics (forget the name of it). They claimed a huge % of staffers on both sides are gay. They made a point to name all of the gay republicans, including Mehlman and Charlie Christ. I wouldn’t have a problem with gays in the GOP if they weren’t doing what Mehlman has done and pushed the gay agenda.
by lwd

That poster later clarified that the politician’s name is actually Charlie “Crist.”

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