Happy Monday, Shaun Ryder

“Chants of ‘Who are you?’ were met with confusion by Ryder, who thought the crowd were chanting for fellow Manchester band New Order. After some bottle-throwing and abuse from the crowd, they were treated to a series of unwanted Happy Mondays and Black Grape covers from Ryder and band including ‘Kinky Afro’, ‘Reverend Black Grape’ and ‘Hallelujah’. After calling an abusive member of the crowd ‘a f**king knob’, Ryder played ‘Step On’ before leaving the stage.”
-Shaun William Ryder was nearly bottled offstage this weekend after confused fans at Britain’s V Festival turned up expecting Peter Andre (a singer known for having been married to something called Jordan) to perform instead. Shaun Ryder turns 48-!!!-today.