Crucial Reading: Cam'ron and the Brilliance of "No Homo"


“During his heyday, rapper Cam’ron dressed like the wife of a Russian oligarch. His lyrics were equally flamboyant: he made up cutesy little words (‘that rooty, tooty, fruity, louie, what I usually do’-Crunk Muzik) and broke into french when complimenting his fellow crew-members (‘Jim Jones c’est c’est bon, Santana magnifique’-I’m Ready). It didn’t take long for rumors to abound that Cam’ron and his Diplomats were a gang of homosexuals…. But what could he do? He could hardly issue heterosexual clarifications after every suspicious statement. Or could he? His eureka moment came in a bubble bath. ‘No homo!’ he cried triumphantly, drowning out (diagetic) orchestral music. It was so short, so wieldy, so catchy, so musical. ‘No homo’ left no room for misunderstanding.”
A short and important history of “no homo.”