Awesome Furry Applies For Legal Name Change to "Boomer the Dog"


Who is Timothy McNulty? He is the greatest writer of our time, and he works at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. LISTEN TO THIS STORY SING, PEOPLE. “Preparing for his day in court, Gary Guy Mathews took off his red dog collar and left his squeaky toy at home. It is now up to a judge whether he will wake up one day as Boomer the Dog and find his furry dreams come true.” Is that not enough for you? Well, read on. “Early this year he began the process of legally changing his name to Boomer The Dog, noting many of his friends already called him that: one of his exhibits in a hearing Tuesday before Allegheny County Common Pleas Court Judge Robert W. Folino was a letter addressed to his adopted name from a friend named Hobnose Bordercollie.” I LOVE AMERICA, WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE, AND I LOVE THIS STORY. In your face, Muslim terrorists! We will let the dogs out! Also? “Here’s Boomer”? The best TV show opening sequence ever.

It’s even better with the German subtitles!

In this episode, Boomer steals a black man’s wallet.