Andrew Cuomo Is Ready To Be Your Emperor Already


The New York Times magazine moves from narcissist to narcissist! Now that horrible photo on this coming Sunday’s mag is of a frightening-looking Andrew Cuomo. There’s this gambit early on in the profile: “When you spend time with Andrew Cuomo, it can be easy to forget that a little more than two election cycles ago his personal life was in shambles and his political career appeared to be over.” Not that easy, apparently! And it’s littered with nuggets like this. “When HUD’s inspector general, Susan Gaffney, criticized some of Cuomo’s management decisions, his office, according to a departmental-harassment claim she filed, started a smear campaign to destroy her credibility. ‘The question isn’t just has Andrew Cuomo learned the lessons of Eliot Spitzer?’ as one state assemblyman put it to me. ‘It’s also has he tamed his inner beast?’” Who knows! All I walk away remembering pretty much is that Andrew Mark Cuomo used to drive a Jaguar with the license plate “AMC ESQ.”