50 Cent Wants In On Cee-Lo's Action, Will Take His Gold Digger

“Ironically, this week the Pajamas Media site ran a piece reporting that Egyptian Islamic scholar and self-proclaimed jihadist Abd al-Muti Bayum has condemned the ‘Ground Zero mosque’ as a devious ‘Zionist conspiracy’ to discredit Islam by linking it to the September 11 attacks. This was cited as an argument against the Cordoba Center. This is strange logic: the center shouldn’t be built because radical Islamists will like it…. or because they will hate it.” That’s Reason’s Cathy Young, whose colleague Radley Balko gave us such a good angle on the “NYC Terror Mosque” controversy last week.

This thing has had me very upset lately. I’m worried that they’re going to preemptively “move” this thing that does not and might not ever exist, and that that’s going to send the same kind of message to the world as George Bush’s re-election in 2004. Basically, this. Which is not the message I think we should be sending.

And I’m all wringing my hands and spitting when I talk about it and mad at Obama for soft-pedaling and feeling like sending that same message back to the people who oppose the mosque.

But then I read this interview with Muslim rapper Lupe Fiasco wherein he comes across as far more accepting of the other side’s viewpoint that anything I can muster, and it makes me feel stupid. But I still really hope they build it where it’s planned.

Also, 50 Cent has already recorded a rap over the super new Cee-Lo song everybody loves so much. It’s a response, from the rich-guy jerk’s perspective, calling out Cee-Lo for crying sour-grapes. And there’s a new video for it, too, adding the verse to the original’s excellent typography treatment. It’s kinda great.