The Video For Cee-Lo's Cover Of Band Of Horses' "No One's Gonna Love You More Than I Do"

Three lists can be made of awesome groups of things that appear in this video.

1) Deer
2) Tiger (stuffed)
3) Dogs

a) Yorkies
b) Pitbull

4) Parakeet
5) Iguana

Things That Go Into The Water
1) Naked bodies
2) Champagne
3) Bottle rocket
4) Beer
5) Feet
6) Golf ball
7) One of two people who had promised each other that they would

Things That Get Burned
1) Flares
2) Cigarette
3) Bottle Rocket
4) Piece of garbage (cardboard?) on stick
5) Crack
6) Human skull
7) All the gas in the tank

What a great video!