State-Approved Iranian Haircuts Not As Square As One Might Think

unveiling state-approved islamic hairstyles

There is an amazing bunch of photographs up at Iran’s Mehr News site illustrating the government’s recent decree of haircuts that fall in line with Iranian and Islamic principles. While the guidelines are intended to thwart the popularity of “Western” styles among the country’s youth, they’re not as short and crewcut-y as you might expect. Length in the back seems to be the main no-no, but Priestlian sideburns and Preslian pompadours meet with repeated approval.

lots of loft

Even better, the barber in the official pictures is rocking a crazy sort of spiky-fauxhawk deal on top, with bangs combed down like a Caesar (you can’t get much more “Western” than that, can you?) that’s really very punk!

punk rock

Most of all, though, I want this creepy instructional mannequin for decoration in my apartment.

punk barber