Staff Lunch Talk: When A Headline Is A Handful

It's funny, unless you consider that someone might have been sexually assaulted

Choire: whoa
Balk: Come ON.
Choire: RIGHT?
Balk: I cannot believe an editor did not yank that headline. It is kind of shocking that they were able to pull it off. I mean, you’ve got to give them a hand for a job well done.
Choire HI O
Balk: They could not have squeezed out any more from this story!
Choire: oof
Balk: They go all the way. I mean, they could have just tossed it off, but when you look at how it all shakes out, I can’t see any other outlet bothering to take a whack at it.
Choire: …
Balk: Okay, I think I’m done now.
Choire: no you’re not
Balk: I can’t think of anything for “off the wrist,” so yeah, I think I’m spent.