Paul Dano Pretends To Not Know Why People Buy Him Milkshakes

by Nate Freeman

Blah blah blah, he drinks it up

There are four words-and, of course, the accompanying slurping sound-that will dog Paul Dano for the rest of his life: “I drink your milkshake!” That phrase, spat at him by Daniel Day-Lewis in the modern classic There Will Be Blood, remains wedged into our collective unconscious. Why, then, does the actor who played the owner of the hypothetical milkshake feign surprise when offered these tasty beverages for free?

The Daily News reports that diners frequently order Dano these malted drinks when he’s out to eat, which he initially finds confusing.

“I don’t get it right away, but then I remember the movie,” Dano says. “But I never get mad, it’s a f-ing free milk shake.”

Perhaps he’s still trying to separate himself from the endless t-shirts and parodies, but c’mon, Paul Dano-when we see you, we think “milkshake.” So when we give you one, don’t pretend like you don’t know what the fuck is going on. If you don’t want to play along, then… we’ll drink your milkshake. We’ll drink it up!