New Punchline Discovered For Jokes About Your Ex-Boyfriend's Stamina

New Punchline Discovered For Jokes About Your Ex-Boyfriend’s Stamina

“The team bombarded atoms of neon gas with near-infrared laser light in 10–15 second pulses and ultraviolet pulses of far shorter durations of just 180 attoseconds (remember, an attosecond is one billionth of one billionth of one second). The near-IR light served as an attosecond chronograph, measuring the time of UV impact and the time the electrons exited their orbits… they found that electron ejection is not a ‘time zero’ action as once presumed, but that excited electrons hesitate very, very briefly before leaving the atom.”
Scientists in Germany have made history by recording the shortest time interval ever measured in nature: the 20 attoseconds it takes to separate an electron from its host atom with high-intensity lasers. This might have something to do with why it was so difficult for kids to win at phone-in television video-game contests like TV Powww! and Pixxx! in the early 1980s. And is also a good analogy for what happened the first time some of those same kids had sex.